Object name: Artist/Maker: Materials:
Techniques: Date: - Place of production:
Collection: Accession number:

Suite of jewellery

  • Accession Nr.:


  • Collection:

    Metalwork Collection

  • Artist/Maker:

    Jensen, Georg (1866-1935)

  • Date of production:

    ca. 1915 (presumably)

  • Place of production:
  • Materials:
  • Dimensions:

    : 60 g
    length: 4,2 cm
    length: 42 cm
    width: 1,3 cm
    width: 1,6 cm

The necklace consists of 4 times 3 sections, connected with two large chains and balls, each decorated with a dark green chyroprase cabochon. Two types of decoration alternate on the parts: on one, the oval stone is flanked by two leaves as a bud, on the other, there is a blackberry-like base with a round stone in the centre. The lock is fitted on one of the latter type parts. The earrings consists of two leaved sections, similar to those of the necklace but with a large stone in the centre, hanging down on two chains from a small, berry-shaped rosette.
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