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Techniques: Date: - Place of production:
Collection: Accession number:

Tobaco grater

  • Accession Nr.:


  • Collection:

    Furniture Collection

  • Date of production:

    early 18th century

  • Place of production:
  • Materials:
  • Techniques:
  • Dimensions:

    length: 17,5 cm
    width: 6,8 cm

The shredder forms a stretched tongue. Its bulging front plate is decorated with a stylised initial, among acanthus leaves, shells and scattered flowers. On the other side is a small wooden door above the shredder, which opens with wire spring. The door is decorated with a coat-of-arms in a medallion, against a lattice background: an oval shield, framed by a cartouche, with a fox rampant between two vine-props. The shield is ensigned with a pearled crown.

Its shape resembles the boxwood shredder with a coat-of-arms of the former Alain collection; the decoration however, is close to that of the Rouen faience shredder, which also belonged to the Alain-collection (see: Musée rétrospectif de la classe 91: manufactures de tabacs et d'allumettes chimiques a l'Exposition universelle internationale de 1900, a Paris. Paris, 1903, 74-75. p.).

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