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Cup and saucer

The bell-shaped cup of a rising, paw handle stands on a narrow foot. The plain saucer has a curved side. The outside of the cup and the surface of the saucer are yellow. Opposite the handle, the cup is decorated with the Hungarian coat of arms, with a crown, in polychrome painting over a round, white field, framed with gold. The middle of the saucer shows an inscription in cursive, placed in a round, white field, framed with gold: Éllyen / a Nemzet! the handle of the cup and the rims are gilt.

The foot of the cup bears an inscription in black cursives: Pressburg / den 28. Sept. 1830 - which is the place (Pozsony) and date of the coronation of Ferdinand V, crowned King of Hungary. The cup is marked with impressed and manganese painted markings: 273 and 830, and 74 - the last one is the painter number of Martin Fromhold.

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