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Chatelaine-lánc neszesszerrel

The hook of the chatelaine chain is decorated with a lady's half-length portrait in a medallion. A broad, plaited, ribbon-like chain joins the hook, with a necessaire case and two simple chains hanging below. The side chains hold a thimble case and a scent bottle. The flat, slightly splayed, prismatic case of the necessaire has a cover that opens on a hinge. One side of the case depicts a lady playing the guitar, while on the other we can see a man playing the flute — both framed by a cartouche. The cover is decorated with music instruments and landscapes in a rich framework. The case hides an earpick, a tootpick, a needle holder, a penknife, a pair of scissors and a threading needle. The covers of the thimble case and the scent bottle also open on hinges. Each of their swelling sides is decorated with four small landscape pictures.
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