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Techniques: Date: - Place of production:
Collection: Accession number:


  • Accession Nr.:


  • Collection:

    Library - collection of designs and fine bindings

  • Date of production:

    1818 - 1819

  • Place of production:
  • Materials:
  • Techniques:
  • Dimensions:

    height: 21 cm
    length: 13,6 cm
    thickness: 9 cm
    weight: 2005 g

The front plate shows a black-painted strap frame with blind-stamped lace motifs, framed with gilt lines. There is a gilt rosette in each corner. The surface of the front is bordered with blind- stamped lace motifs, against a light brown base. The middle of the front shows a shadow painting: a winged genius standing on a plinth, holding two torches. According to the description of Gy. Vegh, the shadow painting was made with the help of a pattern. After a close examination of style and technique, Margit J. Halász supposes that the outlines of the figure were made with batik technique. Yet she does not exclude the use of a pattern when making some of the batik bindings. The saddle is divided into five fields by four double ribs the second and fourth fields show inscriptions: Marton Lexicon / Tomus I.et II. The other fields are decorated with gilt arabesques against a black base. The rim of the plates are gilt the leather frame of the white, French-style endpapers show blind-stamped lace motifs between gilt double lines. The headband was once sewn with silver thread, with green engravings.

The author of the book, Jozsef Marton (1771-1840), was a teacher of Hungarian language and literature at the University of Vienna between 1828 and 1834, he was the editor of the periodical Magyar Kurir.

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