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Antependium - Agnus Dei

The oblong shaped antependium is trimmed on three sides with a network band pillow lace; the pattern consists of interchanging, erect, stylized flowers. The wide network follows the line of the trim; in the middle is the representation of the Agnus Dei, under it CA monogram. The lamb is surrounded with bending, slender branched, leafy pomegranates, placed side by side. The renaissance drawing model for the Agnus Dei is to be found in the model book of Sibmacher (Sib- macher, J.: Newes Modelbuch in Kupfer gemacht, Nurnberg, 1604. 26 /XXXXXV. t.). An antependium of similar drawing made a little later, was once in the possession of the Lutheran church in Kesmark.
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